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  • [Company News] Diesel generator set operation introduction Update:2018-05-25 14:33:19

    Diesel generator set operation introduction: 1. AC ammeter: the needle indicates whether the normal, change the current switch, measure the phase between the phase current value, the phase difference is better not more than 10%. 2. AC volt...

  • [Company News] Working principle of marine diesel generators Update:2018-05-09 15:42:49

    Working principle of marine diesel generators The basic structure of diesel generators consists of diesel engines and generators diesel engines for power generators. First of all the basic structure of the diesel engine it consists of cyli...

  • [Company News] When the diesel generator load is too low, why exhaust pipe will dripping fuel Update:2018-04-24 13:21:46

    As the engine has a number of pressure seals inside the engine, such as cylinder liner - piston - piston ring, turborn-charger -turborn-charger rotor shaft, this seal is generally about 1/3 of the engine load, will be the full play Role, w...

  • [Company News] Diesel generator sets need to run after overhaul Update:2018-04-16 15:09:07

    Has your diesel generator set overhauled? Do you know that after the overhaul of diesel generating units must go through a period of time for running in order to normal use? Many customers complain that my diesel generator set has been ove...

  • [Company News] Diesel generator capacity selection method Update:2018-04-09 17:59:03

    In general civil construction the firepower of modern fires is usually to provide backup power for critical loads. The ability of diesel generators should first meet the requirements of the stability load including the thermal load and the...

  • [Company News] Diesel generator set in the winter maintenance skills Update:2018-04-03 08:24:27

    Diesel generator set in the winter maintenance skills 1. Diesel generating sets in winter after the surgery, if parked in the open area, should pay attention to the weather changes, dangdang temperatures below 4 degrees of cooling water em...

  • [Company News] What are the basic systerm of diesel generator sets Update:2018-03-26 15:04:09

    HQ-POWER the Generating Unit Suppliers - Diesel Generating Set basic equipment includes the following six systems: (1) oil lubrication system; (2) fuel system; (3) control and protection system; (4) Cooling system; (5) exhaust system; (6)...

  • [Company News] Daily Care and maintenance of diesel generator sets Update:2018-03-21 13:16:41

    Diesel generator sets are an independent power plant that provides emergency power supplies! In fact, the generators most of the time are in standby standby state, the actual use of the opportunity to use less, usually more than the main t...

  • [Company News] The body and the intake and exhaust system in the diesel generator Update:2018-03-16 14:22:14

    Diesel generator engine consists of diesel engine body group, crank connecting rod mechanism, gas distribution mechanism, inlet and the exhaust system, fuel system, cooling system, lubrication system, starting system and so on. The functio...

  • [Company News] Essential products of emergency equipment - diesel generator set Update:2018-03-11 14:28:22

    Why say diesel generating set is one of the prerequisite products emergency equipment For diesel generating set equipment is simple, less auxiliary equipment, light weight, the unit power light, with high speed diesel engine as an example,...

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